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About Us

We're Local

A small family farm in Hartford, Wisconsin, we deliver our homegrown items to Milwaukee, Brookfield, Hartland, Thiensville, and Madison.

We're Pasture-Based

Animals deserve the best, and ours get it. Our Certified Naturally Grown status tells you we mean it, but say it in a grassroots way.

We're Family

A mom, a dad, nine kids, and a commitment to provide your family with the highest quality foods.

Our Homegrown Products

Handcrafted Kombucha


Kombucha is a fermented tea that is enzyme- and probiotic-rich.   Available in more than a dozen seasonal flavors, it is both detoxifying and delicious.  Refreshing, yet beneficial, our beverages hit the spot

Certified Naturally Grown Heritage Breed Pork


 Our hogs eat feed that is Certified Naturally Grown--that is, free of GMOs and grown without chemicals or pesticides. They receive no hormones, antibiotics, or other growth-stimulants. We raise hogs from two amazing heritage breeds: Red Wattle and Berkshire. These old-fashioned breeds have a lot to  offer, especially in terms of flavor and marbling.   

Certified Naturally Grown Pasture-Raised Chicken


 Our birds live on pasture 24/7,  supplementing their diet with fresh, grass and yummy bugs.  They have lots of room to be a bird, but are protected  from predators.  Our chickens are Certified Naturally Grown, eating feed that is grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides--our promise that we grow them the way you would.   

Grass-Fed Beef


Our beef is 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef from cattle that receive no grain, hormones, antibiotics, or other growth-stimulants.  Our Certified Naturally Grown pasture provides a wide selection of greens, giving a  broad spectrum of nutrients with every bite.    

Certified Naturally Grown Grass-Fed Lamb


 Our lambs are raised on pasture 24/7, allowing them to enjoy the life for which they were created.  Our diverse, Certified Naturally Grown pastures create lamb meat which is tender, sweet, and delicious. Born here at Morning Star Family Farm, our Dorper and Katahdin-cross lambs provide us with delicious meat and lush sheepskins.

Certified Naturally Grown Chicken Eggs


Our chickens live the life they were created to enjoy. On pasture year-round, they supplement their diet with grass and yummy bugs.  Our eggs are Soy-Free and Certified Naturally  Grown--that is, free of GMOs and grown without chemicals or pesticides.  The birds receive no antibiotics, growth-stimulants, or medications of any kind.  

More Homegrown Products

Certified Naturally Grown Fruits


Pick your own by appointment, or purchase pints at a farmers' market when available.  Our raspberries, apples, plums, Asian pears, and other fruits are spray-free and delicious.

Monthly Meat CSA Boxes


Subscribe for the year or just try out a box.  Each Meat CSA Box contains a fantastic selection of our most popular cuts.

Farmer for a Day


Every summer kids flock to the farm for the best day camp in the country.  Want your child to learn why animals are healthiest in the fresh air and sunshine?  Sign them up for Farmer for a Day.



Sheepskins are great for keeping kids cozy, and giving that special pet the perfect bed.  Our sheepskins are soft and lush, but don't take our word for it, visit us at a farmers' market to feel one for yourself.

Farmer on the Go


Each month we travel around the Greater Milwaukee area, plus Madison, bringing pre-ordered farm products to our customers.  Place an order to join in the fun!

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Morning Star Family Farm

4504 State Rd 83, Hartford, WI 53027

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